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All the required applications to efficiently boost your teams on a daily basis

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Unleash the collaborative potential

of your organization

Are you looking for an enterprise social network for your company, do you have specific collaboration requirements for your team, or do you want to boost your individual productivity on a daily basis ?

Jamespot is the solution you need!

Jamespot is a 100 % SaaS platform customizable according to your needs for collaboration, whether they are about the organization (intranet, extranet, digital workplace, etc.), or the teams (agile projects, community businesses, etc.).

Jamespot is : A collaborative platform with more than  80 collaborative applications which answer to business requirements + a support throughout your project

A platform collaborative for to meet all your needs

By means of more than 80 applications, Jamespot answers all your needs for collaboration.

Every business strengthens its performance by collaborating, deploying operational applications, targeted at the processes.

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Intern communication

Broadcast information at all levels

of the organization

Digital workplace

Unite digital technologies

and create an unique workplace

Agile project

Plan projects, assign tasks and follow the progress achieved

Help center

Pinpoint the right interlocutor

to a specific problematic

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Participative innovation

Collect a number of ideas and value

the collective intelligence

Collaborative monitoring

Centralize the relevant information

from your watch

EDM and Knowledge base

Share documents of reference and

focus on shared knowledge

Collaborative process

Add a layer of collaboration to a

process business : CRM, job board, etc.

About the communication

Broadcast information at all levels of the organization.

A dynamic activity feed

The feed updates you on the latest information related

to your project.

Flash info

The flash info puts forward an information by pinning it at the

top of the homepage of the enterprise social network.

Content sharing

Jamespot allows you to post a multitude of rich contents : An article,

a document, a status, a photo album, a question, a survey etc.

Real-time messaging

Messenger lets you communicate and interact in real time with your

team by integrating files, emojis and video conferences.

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Our figures and key data


Key clients, Mid-Caps, SME, Public and associative

100 000

Users of our solution of collaborative platform


Service-customer in 2016

Source : Lecko


Collaborative applications available on our store

Jamespot is also a users' community

Jamespot is also a big community gathering actors of the collaborative world.

On a daily basis, this community gathers on a platform : Ecosystem !

Find Jamespots’ users, customers and partners to exchange about your common themes. You can also discover all the events and webinars specially designed especially for you.

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