The future of collaboration, right now! 

The All In One Collaborative platform totally customizable with all the applications to fit your needs and business goals

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Software for all your communication and collaboration needs

Jamespot is a Cloud software 100% configurable according to your collaboration needs, whether at the organizational level (intranet, extranet, digital workplace, etc.) or team level (agile projects, business communities, operational chat, etc.).

Enterprise Social Network

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Encourage collaboration and sharing within your organization
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Make your internal communication
attractive and interactive
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Digital Workplace

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Give your teams a secure hub to access all your applications
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Project Management

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Plan, organize and manage your projects with visual and collaborative boards
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Discover Jamespot solution

Get an overview of Jamespot in less than 5 mins !

Why is Jamespot the right software for you?

From your reflection phase to the launch of the platform, Jamespot accompanies you in all stages of your project and guarantees its success.
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An interface to your own image

The image of your organization is important, and we understand that. That is the why the interface of the solution is fully customizable to respect your charter.
Logo, colors, menu, wording, social actions, application blocks... Create the platform that suits you in a few minutes.
You can even choose the application that will act as the home page of the platform.  You want it to be an Enterprise Social Network, Intranet, Digital Workplace, or ChatOps? The choice is yours!