Enterprise social network that looks like you !

Your Enterprise Social Network totally customizable and equipped with all the applications to fit your needs and professional goals

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Software for all your communication and collaboration needs

Jamespot is a Cloud software 100% configurable according to your collaboration needs, whether at the organizational level (intranet, extranet, digital workplace, etc.) or team level (agile projects, business communities, operational chat, etc.).

Enterprise Social Network

Encourage collaboration and sharing within your organization


Make your internal communication
attractive and interactive

Digital Workplace

Give your teams a secure hub to access all your applications


Create conversations based on your business needs

Project Management

Plan, organize and manage your projects with visual and collaborative boards


Create and manage your own business communities

Discover Jamespot solution

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Why is Jamespot the right software for you?

From your reflection phase to the launch of the platform, Jamespot accompanies you in all stages of your project and guarantees its success.

An interface to your own image

The image of your organization is important, and we understand that. That is the why the interface of the solution is fully customizable to respect your charter.
Logo, colors, menu, wording, social actions, application blocks... Create the platform that suits you in a few minutes.
You can even choose the application that will act as the home page of the platform.  You want it to be an Enterprise Social Network, Intranet, Digital Workplace, or ChatOps? The choice is yours!

Countless possibilities

Your needs evolve, so does your Jamespot Platform!
Jamespot provides you with its own Application store composed of more than 85 native or partner applications, allowing the platform to cover 100% of collaborative uses. Install and uninstall the applications according to your desires and those of your teams.
Are you using Office 365 or Google Suite? Simply connect them with Jamespot to get most out of our services.

Platform accessible from your phone

Remote or on the move... your Jamespot platform follows you wherever you go.
Accessible on your smartphone thanks to the Jamespot application available on Apple Store and Google Play, you will be able to keep in touch with your collaborators and follow the progress of your projects in all situations. Download it today! 

A 100% secure French solution

Because the security of your data is at the heart of your concerns, Jamespot chose to guarantee you the highest level of security since 2005.
The solution is developed and hosted in France and complies with all the requirements of the GDPR.
For even more security, we propose 2 dedicated offers:
  • Vault offer dedicated to large companies;
  • HDS offer dedicated to health data;

Ultra-rapid deployment

Do you want to launch your project quickly? No problem with Jamespot!
From a few days to a few weeks, our team adapts to your rhythm and accompanies you throughout the deployment of your platform... and even beyond. This guarantees the success of your project.
And for any special request around your Jamespot projects, call our Task Force! They will provide a tailor-made response to all your requests.
What are you waiting for to switch to Jamespot speed?

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