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Our story, our values, our team

Our story

All stories start the same...


The story of Jamespot starts well before 2005 when three friends with a keen entrepreneurial spirit decided to set themselves a new challenge: to transform organizations by combining the social and the digital. It was in 2005 when this challenge took shape in the form of Jamespot, the first enterprise social network in SaaS with the objective of making digital information more "human."


Following the success of its solution, Jamespot now puts all its energy into making the user experience even better. It's not unusual to see the design of the solution and the ergonomics of its applications as having developed with this in mind.


Today in 2016, Jamespot is above all fifteen collaborators from different fields who have embarked on a great human adventure at the heart of new uses and new digital practices.

Our values

  • Innovation

  • Goodwill

  • Openness

  • Team spirit

  • Flexibility

  • Respect

  • Cohesion

  • Creativity

  • Sharing

  • Excellence

Our vision

The way the web is used today by the general public reflects that of business tomorrow. The movement has been underway for ten years now – Google for searching and today Facebook for social networking. Jamespot initially launched its social network among the general public.


SaaD (Software as A Disquette) is dead, long live SaaS (Software as A Service). Following the example of a mature industry, clients expect a service and don't want to be the "mechanics" for their applications. SaaS lets them overcome these material contingencies to focus on their professional activity.

For the general public: emotion, real time in a permanent digital/real space will become the norm.


For businesses: real time in a mixed digital/real space between internal and external will become the norm.

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