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Intranet that improves your internal communication

Simple, fast, beautiful with mobility

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Take back control of your internal communication

Jamespot is the SaaS Intranet software, 100% configurable according to your communication needs. We assure you that your messages reach the target audience internally.

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Fast, Simple and Fun

Setting up a Jamespot Intranet is quick and easy!
Create your Intranet pages simply in less than 5 minutes using our pre-built graphical templates. Save precious time in the creation of your Intranet with Jamespot and get all your collaborators on board with ease.

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A dynamic display

An Intranet is made so that everyone can see the information shared by the company.
With Jamespot and its dynamic display, your employees will be able to find the information wherever they are thanks to the mobile display and also to the TV Display application that allows you to display the Intranet on screens in halls or factories.

A beautiful and stylish portal

With Jamespot Intranet, communicate information throughout your company and take back control !
With a beautiful portal that can be fully personalized as an interface so your internal communication will be improved also you will be able to reach all your employees.

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Specific applications

In addition to having a well-kept Intranet with Jamespot, you will benefit from numerous applications dedicated to internal communication so that your messages are well propagated and reach all your employees.

Jamespot is equipped with tools to boost your internal communication along with providing mobility to your user.

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Top 10 Jamespot applications for your intranet

Jamespot has more than 100 collaborative and social applications that you can install and uninstall according to your internal communication needs! Here are the top 10 essential Jamespot applications that you will find on your Jamespot Intranet.


Page(s) intranet

Créez des pages pour votre intranet



Pin a must-see publication on the wall



Publish your organization's news


Smart Page

Create graphical communication pages



Represent the links within your organization



Manage your events and meetings


Conduct internal surveys and polls


TV Display

Broadcast your messages on your TV screens


Mobile Application

Carry your Jamespot platform on your phone

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Create an excitement for your news

Our customers talking about their experience

We turned to Jamespot because the solution meets both of our objectives. On the one hand to communicate more easily with our collaborators, and on the other hand to provide them with HR, SEC documents...


Brand and Communication Manager - Ozitem

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Why don't you try Jamespot speed?

Start your test platform and get your team on Jamespot in less than 5 minutes.

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