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Working together to make your project a success


Our consultants are passionate about using technology to transform the way work is done in your company. Each person brings their best practices and proven methodologies to each project. This level of expertise is based on strong experience in the deployment of tools for companies, including large companies.


โ€‹Well before the creation and deployment stage of your social network, you should have a period of strategic reflection to ensure successful implementation, which is done through the adoption of your future enterprise social network and the participation of your users. We can help you to define a strategy with scenarios based on our experience in this domain. We can also recommend partners who specialize in Community Management to support you with large projects.


Our consultants, like our partners, are experts who can incorporate the company vision into their technical master plan for the customization and implementation of your enterprise social network.


Thanks to the integration of enterprise applications, our consultants understand all aspects of support, from installation to configuration and adjustments.

Training and implementation

Training in the enterprise social network


Customizing your tool, and learning to correctly use and administer your Jamespot platform are the keys to your success.


โ€‹We can provide distance training and training guides, arrange webinars, or simply arrange training courses in your offices.


All of the documents needed to rapidly master the Jamespot solution and the related user guides are available in the Ecosystem community.



Implementing your enterprise social network


In the month after the setup of your enterprise social network, we offer to help you to configure your platform and design the tree structure for your content in order to move rapidly and efficiently to the deployment phase.


You will then be able to rapidly master your collaborative work tool and train your first users who will be ambassadors for the promotion of "best practices."


Our technical support service is based in France and is 100% online. Each new Jamespot client has access to our Ecosystem community to make support requests. With our support application, you can track the progress of your request in real time.


 The support team is available every working day from 9 am to 6.30 pm at ecosysteme.jamespot.pro.

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