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Every use has its solution

Why packaged offers?

With ten years of experience in the field of enterprise social networks, the Jamespot teams decided to create packaged offers to meet specific usage needs. 


Each packaged offer includes the best applications in their field. So check out our offers and get started.

Offers to match your usage

Our offers are 100% SaaS and 100% centered on your usage. Just like our classic Jamespot.Pro offer, our packaged offers perfectly combine product and service for even greater performance.

The enterprise social network platform

Just like our Jamespot.Pro offer, you will benefit from an enterprise social network in SaaS, which can be configured to suit your preferences.

Applications centered on usage

Every offer packaged by our teams includes applications centered on one or several specific uses.

On-going support

The Jamespot teams will support you at every key stage of your collaborative project.

Discover our packaged offers

Social Intranet
The Intranet Social pack enables you to quickly and easily create highly graphical intranet pages, while benefitting from applications specific to the enterprise social network.
Information is securely shared with the right audience.
Collaborative Monitoring
The collaborative Monitoring pack enables you to gather information and documents from the web, to share them with a target audience, and to add comments.
The system supplies statistics and reports to facilitate your monitoring follow-up.
Collaborative Extranet
The collaborative Extranet pack opens up a completely secure space, enabling your collaborators to communicate and share information with both internal and external actors.
Create your secure space dedicated to sharing files and collaborative work.
Sales Support Network
The Sales Support Network pack enables your sales representatives to share and centralize information that is essential to your business.
Develop collaboration with the productivity of your sales team as a support.
Project Management
The collaborative Project Management pack enables you to coordinate projects by making sense of the daily flow of information.
Managers can visualize the entire workflow at a single glance: tasks, meetings, and documents, etc.
Technical Support 
The Technical Support pack enables you to fully manage the support process within a single tool, from opening a ticket to closure.
The system also supplies statistics and reports to facilitate your support management follow-up.

Would you like more information about our offers?

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