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Availability – Expertise – Innovation

A unique relationship

With its professional approach to functional scope, its high level of configuration, and above all an innovative approach to collaboration and communication, the Jamespot platforms are playing fields where rules need to be established.


From usage definitions to community leadership, the success of the team is based on the coaches who understand the profession of their clients!


The Jamespot partnership program is suitable for client coaches, in order to provide the best service possible to the end user.

Benefits for partners

  • Access to a rich community (client case studies, marketing support, product news, illustrations, key figures, etc.) which is 100% collaborative.

  • Regular information through the Newsletter Partenaires.

  • A direct relationship with the Jamespot support, development, and product teams.

  • Training on the tool.

  • Joint marketing activities.

  • Attractive commission based on your profile (business contribution, resales).

  • Jamespot Platform at a preferential rate.

The commitments of a Jamespot partner

Being a Jamespot partner means:
Training on the Jamespot solution
Advising clients
Joining our Ecosystem
Including Jamespot in your services

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