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5 indicators to analyze your collaborative platform's activity

Updated: Apr 22

One of the issues faced while assessing a platform activity is not being able to establish comparisons to estimate the axes of success or progress to be set up.

5 primary indicators for all your platforms

Jamespot has 5 majors indicators known to be common for all platforms, making it possible to establish fair comparisons. Those primary indicators are actually used for all social networks ( including those intended for the large public).

These indicators are linked to the members’ activity, and are calculated as follows:

Log in rate (L)

The amount of logged in members compared to the platform’s total amount of members. This indicator is generally calculated over a month or a year. The ratio between the mobile log and the general activity rate is also among our offers.

Reading rate (R)

The number of members who read at least one content compared to the total number of online members on the platform within a selected period of time.

Activity rate (A)

Refers to the amount of members who have been active online, and/or wrote a comment compared to the total number of online members on the platform within a selected period of time.

Hyper activity rate (HA)

The amount of member who have published an article or created a group compared to the sum of online members on the platform within a selected period of time.

Picture rate (P)

Number of member who have added a profile picture compared to the total number of online members on the platform.

The exact comparison of collected data These indicators can be compared on a general average, or even better, according to the targeted audience of the platform. In our analysis at Jamespot we identify two types of platforms : Platforms with internal targets to the company (Intranet) Platforms with external targets to the company (Extranet) The numbers can mean very different things, due to diversity in the members’ interactions with one another. That said, assessing the members’ activity on a specific platform in a fair and just manner implies comparing the results to those of a similar platform.

Other criteria that are not mentioned above might cause some variations, and that’s the main reason why we are providing ranges instead of exact numbers. In fact, according to the amount of users, the age and the main functions of the platform, those differences are assessed. For example, a platform with over a 1000 users will generally be at the bottom of our range. Whereas a platform that is committed to a project would actually be at the top.

An average to compare your different ways of using the platform

The rates below are from monthly, (the last 30 days), or annual,(the last 12 months) measurements achieved during the past 3 years on over 30 platforms with different ages and for some, different kinds of measurements.

The results are merely meant as guidelines for the purpose of establishing comparisons. Extranet

Average picture rate : 20%

Monthly rate Hyper activity rate : 5-15% Activity rate (involvement) : 10-20% Reading rate : 60-90% Log in rate : 3-5% Annual rate Hyper activity rate : 10-20%

Reading rate : 60-90% Log in rate : 40-70% Mobile log in : 3-10%


Average Pictures rate : 30%

Monthly rate

Hyper activity rate : 10-20%

Activity rate (involvement) : 20-40% Reading rate : 70-90% Log in rate : 50-80%

Mobile log in : 3-7%

Annual rate Hyper activity rate : 15-30%

Activity rate (involvement) : 30-50% Reading rate : 30-50% Log in rate : 60-95% Mobile log in : 5-10%

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