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A customized solution


Create a customized enterprise social network with the Jamespot.Pro offer. The native platform of our solution responds to traditional intranet, extranet, and collaborative needs.


Simply enable the professional applications that meet your specific needs. These applications are available directly on the App Store of your Jamespot platform.


A complete offer

The Jamespot.Pro offer is 100% SaaS and 100% dedicated to the success of your enterprise social network. This offer perfectly combines product and service for even greater performance from the moment our software is installed.

The enterprise social network platform

By choosing the Jamespot.Pro offer, you will benefit from an enterprise social network in SaaS, which can be entirely configured to suit your preferences and professional needs.

Access to the Jamespot App Store

The Jamespot.Pro offer provides access to our App Store. From among 80 free or fee-paying applications, choose the ones that meet your requirements.

On-going support

The Jamespot teams will support you at every key stage of your project. A dedicated project manager will help you to develop uses and good practices to deploy.

Offer rates

Pack PRO
Pack PRO +

User profiles

Themed groups

Project groups



Search engine


Administration and statistics


Document bank


Calendar and meetings


LDAP synchronization


Dedicated infrastructure

12$ / month / user
Do you have a particular use in mind? Don't forget to check out our packaged offers.

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