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Communicate, collaborate, and manage wherever you are.

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Take back control of your business with Jamespot Remote Working Software!

Jamespot is the Number-1 remote working cloud-based software in France, so you can work anywhere with productivity, simplicity, and mobility.
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Pursue business goals with confidence

With Jamespot, you can pursue your projects from the comfort of your own home by combining communication with your employees and project management with our Board application to track the progress of your projects with ease.
Productivity is at the heart of your business, which is why Jamespot is committed to helping you keep to it running from anyplace.
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Work in complete mobility

Stay connected and work with peace of mind wherever you are with the Jamespot mobile application.
Whether you're teleworking, on the road, or coming out of a meeting... Don't miss any more information thanks to push notifications on.
You can also publish from the mobile application thanks to its simple and streamlined interface.

Keep in touch with your employees

Jamespot allows you to be in a team with your collaborators on a unique platform.
Pursue your projects and discussions wherever you are with Jamespot's Video conferencing, Messenger, and Mobile application.
Keeping in touch with your remote colleagues has never been easier.
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Effective information sharing

With Jamespot, share information easily.
Via a story on News Feed, instant messaging, video conferencing, workgroups... you have the choice to share information efficiently with your collaborators, even remotely 😉
Sharing information with your employees has never been easier.
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Top 10 Jamespot Applications for Remote Working

Jamespot has more than 100 collaborative and social applications that you can install and uninstall according to your and your team needs! Here are the top 10 useful Jamespot applications for remote working.


Communicate with your teams in real time


Launch and host video conferences


Consult the user directory of your platform
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Create groups and collaborate easily


Centralize and share your documents


Mention users, contents, groups...


Simplify the management of your projects with Jamespot

Online Edition

Collaborate with others on the same document


Pin a must-see publication on the wall

Mobile Application

Carry your Jamespot platform on your phone

Our customers talking about their experience

Being used to teleworking, I can quickly feel isolated, out of touch or lacking information. Staying connected to Jamespot allows me not only to keep in touch with my contacts but also to maintain information sharing. We keep moving forward together, just like in the office!

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Chrystelle BLOT
Product Manager - Independent

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