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Your new playground for online collaborative office automation 🕹

Revolutionize collaboration on your Jamespot platform with WeDoc online collaborative publishing 🚀

You'll see, your documents will come to life on Jamespot 🙊

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Bring your documents to life 📝

If emails and calendar are mandatory tools in our professional life, it's the same for document editing. Text, spreadsheets, presentations... We spend our day exchanging them! It would be so much simpler to be able to work on the same document at the same time and to find it easily in a well-organized document bank...


What if we told you that all this is possible? And yes, WeDoc is THE super-tool that will help you collaborate better 🦸


Wedoc organizes the creation of your documents: edit several and in real time, store your document in folders and find it easily by typing a keyword. Easy, peasy!



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You'll love collaborating on your documents with WeDoc

WeDoc revolutionizes collaboration around your documents

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Collaborate efficiently in real time

Promote collaboration by allowing all your teams to work together even remotely. Documents, presentations, spreadsheets... WeDoc allows you to modify all your documents at any time even with several people online.


No need to wait for the latest version, you can now work on the same document in real time. With the co-edition feature, you are free to create, add, delete, or modify each document, as you wish.


In addition, you will see the changes made to your documents in real time.

In short, your documents come to life with WeDoc 😍

Centralize your work

WeDoc is not only a collaborative editing tool. It also keeps you organized and focused.


Every document is centralized and stored in folders, organized according to your needs. Whether it is by project, by theme or by team, you can find all your documents in a few clicks only. 

Whether you are in the office or on the road, your files are synchronized in real time and are easy to find! That's right, thanks to the search engine, all you have to do is type a keyword you can find inside a WeDoc and Jamespot will take care of the rest 🕵️♂️

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WeDoc Jamespot - Commentaires.png

Give your opinion at every stage

Collaboration also means, giving your opinion! With WeDoc, you can add comments throughout the editing process. Because yes, we are not all working on a document at the same time.


Creating a document is no longer a solitary task. With WeDoc, every collaborator has a key role during the whole process:

   ✨ They can edit the document at the same time as your colleagues

   ✨ They can exchange on important and specific points

   ✨ Everyone can give its opinion in a few clicks


Meeting reviews, brainstorming, slideshows, launch plans... Everything becomes more collaborative with WeDoc!

Transform your working methods

With WeDoc, collaboration goes further. Coupled with the Smart Process application, you can easily follow the progress of each one of your project. "In progress", "To be validated", "Completed": for each document, you can update its status!


Create personalized processes in a few seconds and you will be sure that each collaborator will follow the right steps! At a glance, your team will immediately see the work to be done and the prioritized tasks they have to focus on.

Your documents are in good hands. Indeed, you can :

   ✨ Create and edit your documents, with your teams

   ✨ Guide your colleagues with simple and personalized processes

   ✨ Stay on track and get your work done quickly

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Key features of WeDoc
WeDoc Icon.png


Version 1, version 2, final version... Working with several people on a document means going back and forth a lot! But with WeDoc, easily edit your documents with your whole team. Simple, collaborative, and productive 🚀

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The preview

Save time visualizing the progress of your projects and take a quick look at your documents with the preview. Article, presentation, spreadsheet... Everything is visible in one click!

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The document bank

"Can you send me back this document?" "I can't find it". Do you recognize yourself in this situation? Then our document bank is the right application for you. It centralizes and organizes all your documents so that you have everything at hand.

WeDoc Icon.png

You want to add a new version without going through the online edition? No problem! With WeDoc, simply add a new version to make it the reference version.

WeDoc Icon.png
The comments

It's basic, yet essential. Comments allow you to give your opinion at any time during the editing of the document. In a few words, congratulate or advise your collaborators on their latest version!

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Smart processes

Managing a project is like cooking a recipe: there are steps to follow and items to check. With Smart Process, simplify each step of your approval process with simple and customized processes.

WeDoc: a simple rate with no surprises


The solution that brings your documents to life

4€ HT*

par user / month

* Monthly cost of the Jamespot platform are not included

WeDoc is the favorite application of our communication team

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Since we're using WeDoc, our department is more organized and productive. Whether it's for our blog posts, press releases, or product announcements, WeDoc saves us time, clarity, and cohesion.

Charlotte Lucas

Chargée de communication - Jamespot

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