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Capitalize on collective experience and knowledge

Capitalize on collective experience and knowledge

The Jamespot solution enables you to capitalize on collective experience by providing your employees with a powerful tool to share documents, ask questions, and transform concrete, everyday elements of your profession into a knowledge base that everyone can use.

So the latest arrival will instantly have access to discussions on past projects and can directly grasp all the ins and outs. Even better, at any time you can see who is the expert on a topic and ask them about it directly, knowing that you're sure to get a quick and reliable answer. The idea is that this useful business know-how is kept and can be reused.

The strengths of Jamespot

Access internal knowledge

Learn by working together

Enrich the knowledge base

The organization's knowledge

All employees access the practical information they need, as well as the organization's knowledge base: reference documents, meeting minutes, discussions between employees, and much more.

The knowledge base is continuously enriched thanks to comments and versioning.

Living information in real time

Within the platform, employees come together to share advice and good practices, but also to draw on each other's knowledge and know-how.

By asking questions directly to their peers, employees accelerate the speed at which they gain skills and their access to the organization's internal network.

Self-evaluation and reporting

Members of the organization can access quizzes that test their level of knowledge on a subject and schedule a training session as needed.

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