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Reach the Heart of your Audience with the "Target Info" Application

A new application has recently been added to the Jamespot Store: The Target Info application! It allows you to centralize and share all the useful information for your audiences without having to go through the groups.

Reach the Heart of your Audiences with Target Info 🎯

Of all the possibilities of the Jamespot platform, groups are the feature you enjoy the most!

👉 Need to send a project-related document to your collaborators? No problem, they're all in a dedicated group, so it'll only take a minute!

👉 Need to let the sales department know when the next meeting is? They have their own group too, so no need to notify them one by one!

Life is easier with groups 🤩 but unfortunately, a request made by one of your colleagues has just seriously affected your enthusiasm. Your organization has just recruited a dozen foreign employees and you need to send them all the content related to the company profile as soon as possible to facilitate their integration. But it's a real headache: they are not all part of the same group! Some are sales people, others have joined the IT department and the rest work in administration!

How do you do it? Send the documents to the groups dedicated to the 3 departments even if it means soliciting all those who are part of them 🤔

Communication Through Segmentation

Jamespot offers you a new way to do this with the Target Info application! This application will allow you to target more precisely the employees to whom you want to communicate content.

How do you do it? Thanks to the application's intelligent segmentation system.

Nothing could be simpler: you first determine the segmentation criteria that will allow you to refine your communication. Are the employees administrators? Do they speak English? Did they join the company this year?

Your Jamespot platform will then create a list of employees based on the criteria you have entered. Once this is done, all you have to do is choose the content you want to send them (articles, videos, links, whatever you want?) and send them a Target Info.

Discover the Target Info Application in the Jamespot Store

We are very happy to offer you this brand new application and we hope you will enjoy it and find it useful! If you want to download it or simply learn more about its features, you can find it in the Jamespot Store!

See you soon for the next Jamespot releases! 😄


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