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The Ten Commandments of Remote Work

Remote working is not as easy as we think. Of course, avoiding traffic jams, metro, getting up later, and having more autonomy, it's great. But you need more motivation and organisation to avoid external temptations.

So, how to stay efficient when you work from home? Here are 10 commandments to work best from your living room!

01. Thou shalt arrange your workplace

When we work from home, the temptation to stay in bed is big. We've all wanted to be able to get our heads out from under the duvet at 9 o'clock sharp, grab our computers and start working. We grant you, it can make you dream, but it is not where you are the most productive. If you don't have the luxury of being able to reserve a room for a desk, find a quiet corner where you can set up a comfortable table and chair. Organize your space so you have all the tools you need at your fingertips.

02. Thou shalt have to say hello, just like in the office, every day

At the office, when you arrive, you greet your colleagues in person and they do the same. But, in remote, things are more complicated, it’s hard to say hello to everyone… However, it shows you are available and it’s nicer. At Jamespot, we have set up a quick videoconference every morning at 9 o'clock where everyone greets each other and talks about their day! This little ritual allows us to follow the evolution of each person's missions and to keep in touch.

You can also create a discussion where everyone sends an emoji of their mood every morning. A fun way to greet each other!

Today, many tools are available to help you to keep this polite gesture. Don’t neglect it, it’s what makes you a united group.

03. Thou shalt keep in touch

Remote working is not a synonymous with isolation. It’s essential to stay in touch with colleagues, even those who are not part of our team. Whether it's to share an anecdote about a weekend or grumbling after a slightly annoying customer, these little moments of conviviality and sharing are important for the team. This creates cohesion and a relaxed atmosphere.

Jamespot's "Coffee Break" application offers you the possibility to take a few minutes to relax with one or more colleagues by videoconference.

04. Thou shalt organize your schedule

In remote working, we can easily get distract by kids, the postman, neighbors or numerous notifications. To avoid losing your head, it is important to plan your days and set a work rhythm. Make a list of tasks to be done, highlight priorities, plan with your teams the tasks to be done and organize them in the best way possible in your day. This way, you will be more productive and concentrated.

In addition, it is important to adopt a balanced and regular rhythm in relation to your colleagues. Keep the same schedule as if you were going to the office, you must be available and reachable.

Some applications like « Boards » or « Tasks » can give you a clear view of the tasks completed or to be completed, so you can stay on track, even from a distance.

05. Thou shalt communicate with your team

In remote working, you need to re-think you way of communicate. Indeed, in the office, meetings can be improvised if someone have a question or meet an issues. But when form home, you have to stay close to the team spirit. For example, organize daily team discussions and appointments, whether to discuss the progress of a mission or to replace informal coffee machine exchanges.

To do this, you can create a group discussion or make videoconference regularly during the day. Double your attention to others, this will help you to maintain team spirit.

06. Thou shalt provide feedbacks

When you work in the office, you have a question or a hesitation, all you need to do is raise your head and ask a colleagues. At distance, feedback is less frequent when it is most needed. Your manager probably wants to know how your last customer meeting went and your colleague would also like to know your opinion on his latest article. This is the time to be there and share your opinion. Collaboration at a distance is essential, it helps to keep confidence in yourself and in your colleagues. Give regular feedback to maintain commitment and attention.

07. Thou shalt welcome new people

Welcome a new colleagues in remote is not an easy task. No visit of the offices, no presentation of each member. The sense of belonging can take a hit.

To avoid this, you have to prepare well for your arrival. You can start by creating a "Page", on Jamespot, with all the information about the company and how it works. That way, the newcomer will have the right information to start this new experience. At Jamespot, we also recommend that newcomers make an appointment with each colleague to get to know them. This helps newcomers to integrate well into their new environment and find their place.

When you work in the office, you have a question or a hesitation, all you need to do is ask a colleagues. At distance, feedback is less frequent when it is most needed.

08. Thou shalt congrats succes

To stay motivate and happy at work, we need recognition. So it is essential to take the time to congratulate success. Whether it's solving a problem, the arrival of a new person or repairing the coffee machine, highlighting these victories keeps us stimulated at work. It creates team cohesion, but above all a good atmosphere.

Jamespot offer « Flash Info » application highlight informations that should not go unnoticed. If you want to know more, we invite you to read one of our latest articles on Jamespot and Heptaward, two tools that enhance the work of your employees.

09. Thou shalt separate professional and personal time

One of the mane disadvantages of remote working is to live in his workplace. The risk is that the boundary between the professional and personal sphere disappears. Indeed, from home, you may tend to work longer hours and answer e-mails at 10 pm. On the other hand, during the day, you can be distracted with the washing machine, the clothes to hang or the children's homework. The important thing is to find the right balance. As soon as your "office" hours are over, go back to your family life and get some rest.

10. Thou shalt come back, occasionally

Working at home, it’s great, we organize this time like we want, we avoid traffic jams and the metro’s craziness. But, it may be necessary to change the air and go to the office occasionally. To continue to see your colleagues and to keep in touch with them, you can set day quotas for teleworking, for example 4 days at home, one day at the office or at least 2 days a month in person. This way, you can keep this feeling of belonging and encourage exchanges within your team.

The Jamespot’s « Attendance management » application offer the possibility for your employees to declare themselves the days they will be present at the office or the days they will be teleworking. We let you choose the setting. So you know where they are and whether they are available.

To conclude

In remote, there isn’t secret recipe for efficiency. By followings this ten commandments, you can, nevertheless, that you are in the right conditions to work at home. The Jamespot tools are also here to facilite your internal communication and collaboration.


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