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Jamespot Task Force

Customized response to all Jamespot service requests 💪🏼

Experts by your side

Jamespot Team always provides you with personalized support through a variety of media to enable you to achieve your business objectives using our communication and collaboration tools.  


Today, we have decided to take this approach a step further by offering you our Task Force, an "à la carte" service to meet all your challenges!

You want a Smart Page, a Community Manager, a specific application, a CSV import, an audit, etc... We will take care of everything and it's fast. 🚀

Some ideas of what we can do for you

Task Force #Dynamic 🧨

✨ Organize a digital escape game on Jamespot

✨ Organize a contest on Jamespot

✨ Taking portrait photos for your users' profiles

✨ Make a video to launch your Jamespot platform

✨ Etc.

Task Force #Usage 🚀

✨ Creating a Smart Page on demand (e.g. for an advertisement, an event, etc.)

✨ Creating a dedicated business item

✨ Creating a new social action

✨ Import / Export CSV users and groups

✨ Etc.

Task Force #Ambassadors 👑

✨ Provision of a part-time community manager (content creation, animation, etc.)
✨ Carrying out audits and business dashboards
✨ Workshops and customized training
✨ Dedicated technical support

✨ Etc.

Jamespot Task Force is a service exclusively dedicated to Jamespot customers. For more information, please contact our Sales Team.

I strongly recommend that you play with your Jamespot platform through gamification. You can also use Jamespot teams to organize contests or escape games.


Brand and Communication Manager - Ozitem

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